KotMedia Agency believes that every company deserves the opportunity to be prodigious, no matter its target market or industry’s complexity. We are a design and marketing agency that knows the uniqueness of your business is the first step when it comes to a success story. And we want to be a part of it. We want to disseminate your vision through clear messages, undivided positioning and impeccable design. KotMedia Agency brings compelling insights to your brand. We consider that every brand can find new ways to express its perception, products and services, and its message has to be emphasised by appealing design, print, branding and advertising .

We don’t see the ideal solution as separate parts of a process – the website, logo, social media, promotions and talines. We see it as an exhaustive ensemble, that visualizes our client’s brand. At KotMedia Agency we will help you unveil your company’s strengths and opportunities and disclose them in an avant-garde way to you target audience. Even though we follow the same steps in our creative and research process, the outcome for every client is distinctive, audacious and it meets his needs.  Our approach combines creativity and research, being methodical and measured as well. We have as a mission your customers abiding engagement.

A strong tool of persuasion is created with the help of an excellent fusion between creativity, strategy and research. We’re here to influence how your consumers see your brand.  Our design and marketing services will give your company a tangible presence and effectively communicate your brand’s value.  Choosing our agency, you choose highlighting your values and an impeccable customers satisfaction. We build innovative campaigns that resonate with our clients customers, through the perfect media channels.


Advertising Campaigns, Marketing Materials, Corporate / Broadcast video production, Music videos and promotions, Video for events


Branding, Brand Guidelines, Corporate Identity, Product and Packaging Design


Web Design, Mobile Websites, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content Management Systems (CMS), Еcommerce, Social Media Marketing, Web video production, Animation


Marketing Materials, Print, Illustration, Brochures, Exhibition Displays, Stationery, Flyers, Invitations, Product and Packaging Design


Commercial Photography, Product Photography, Aerial Photography


 Video production, Animation, Web Video, Aerial Videography


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