GRAPHIC DESIGN for Emoto Peace Project BOOK

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for Emoto Peace Project

Manchester Branding Agency is proud to present our high quality book graphic design for the Emoto Peace Project. We know the importance of teaching children about the world’s resources and we know that the best way to help them understand is through pictures. That is why our team of professional graphic artists has designed beautiful and visually graphics to accompany the story written by the Emoto Peace Project. We welcomed this project as it presented the challenge of matching images to words about water as well as ensuring that the pictures and graphically designed images fit that of a children’s book.

‘The Message From Water’ aims to teach kids the importance and demonstrate the unique qualities of water as well as why it is a resource we must all work hard to protect. From high-resolution pictures of singular water crystals to photographs and illustrations, Manchester Branding has perfectly complemented the Message from Water story with images sure to capture and keep children’s interest. We were sure to use colors that were soft and welcoming as well as pictures that were easy for children to understand the unique human relationship between water and what our actions such as freezing or praying for water can do.